Happy 420, Maria

Even though I’m in an extended period of no consumption of any kind of substance (besides sugar😬), I want to honor my medicine. The Mother of my healing process and one of my biggest Teachers. The Plant that helped me to deal with the worst moments of physical pain, and that worked as a gateway for so many difficult answers.

I am sorry that you are being exploited, as so many sacred medicines, I am sorry for the constant genetic abuse and mixtures, and mostly for all the unconscious use that make you a threat instead of a healing tool.

Every time I felt your shadow, you were the one telling me it was enough. Every time I misused you, you came and told me to stop. My meditations and journeys with you took me to the most beautiful places within and for that I’m deeply grateful. When any conventional medicine could help me, your elements supported me with love. You also taught me how toxic alcohol was in my life and how I didn’t need a single drop of it.
You brought me relief, you brought me peace and then you taught me about connection, but mostly freedom.

You supported my reborn and helped me to learn how to walk by myself. I see you as much as you see me. I feel you as an Entity of consciousness and I respect you as my Teacher. I don’t crave you, I don’t need you at this point of my life, but I love you, and I honor you. Happy 4/20 everyone. Happy Happy day, Maria 🌿
(Photo wasn’t taken in Portugal)

P.s- My dad just shared this post and after so many years of dialogues and fights around this subject, this was the best gift I could get on this 4/20. Communication heals. Love and Respect are everything ♥️