Freaking cold

Last summer I had the fantastic opportunity to work with Daniel Kluken and Ingvild Molenaar. I learned some breathing techniques, part of the Wim Hof method. These days have been between of -12 and -8 Celsius degrees over here in upstate New York. All my mind could think while walking outside with full snow clothes on was ”you must try it here.”
I finally got the ovaries to say it at loud and ask Nalini Therese to support me in this trial of experiencing the cold almost naked and finally did it. Well, it was damn cold indeed, and she carried me on her back to the car after this, because my feet were frozen.
You know, there are loads of cliche quotes out there about the power of our minds but the thing is, our thoughts create our world indeed, and it’s fucking awesome to play with them. ❄️

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