No age for it

Sandra Jones was traveling the world in the 70’s when, randomly, ended up in Deià, right in the middle of the mountains in Mallorca. After all the places and countries that she had visited and experienced, she couldn’t leave this magical place. In the 70’s a wave of foreigners came to Deià and never left, artists from all around the world, hippies searching for meaning in their lives, families starting their stories from zero, all meeting in the same energetic point, still so active, still so wonderful. I’ve met Sandra Jones when I was looking for a gift to my mother.

She is living in Deià for ages and I ended up in her beautiful store. Her eyes told me more than she wanted to talk in the beginning, but soon she would tell me her story and how the love of her life, also from Australia, would pack everything to search for her and meet her in Mallorca when they were young. He stayed with her until two years ago, when he passed away. She still has a picture of her in the 70’s, with long hair and a free spirit, took by a foreign photographer that was around at that time.
When she was looking at it I could feel the nostalgia, she looked at me and said:

“I don’t really appreciate photos of me, but this one is special, you can feel my young spirit in this one”
I naturally answered, “but you are still young”.

She looked at me really straight in the eyes, smiled and said: “Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s nothing like youth my dear, and there is no age for it, but only a good photo can capture it.”
“I would love to show my people how beautiful you are, as well as your story. Can I photograph your youth then?”, I asked.
“I think we can make it”, she said.
And we did.


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