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They will tell you it’s impossible. And it’s ok, maybe it feels like it sometimes; At some point, everyone will come to you almost like channelling a test from life trying to make sure you really believe in what you are saying you want to do.

There will be so many questions, affirmations, ego reactions and challenges that you will face that, seriously, you really will have to believe and love what you are doing, otherwise it will be easy and even understandable that you doubt about your dreams and sanity. But please… don’t.

This project started one year ago and the story of how all this happened under such blessed energy, made it seem like a river that knows exactly where it is flowing, all by itself.
Flexibility, surrender and healthy egos are key tools to make something ”impossible” happen. That and an immensely talented and strong partnership. ♥️

This all started with the right will and a serious commitment, and I guess that’s the basis for any kind of path you choose to follow. If there is something I’ve been learning this year is that with the right intentions, focus and passion… you will end up showing to others and yourself that no, it’s not impossible.
You will live the most extraordinary experiences while trying to accomplish your dreams. Many crazy walls to climb, the ridiculous amount of surprises, some hard frustrations and challenges but maaaaan then all it seems to align and you feel like floating on an ocean bubble of love.

I’m deeply grateful to every single person that has been helping this project, the wave of generosity, trust and love that we received since this all started is beyond overwhelming and inspiring. Thanking you all it’s not enough.

Even with all the barriers and “impossible’s” we made it to film everything successfully, after three crazy intense weeks of shooting around 16h a day.

It has been a mad, insane, emotional, and wonderful year since we went for the first time to Palestine with open hearts and minds. It feels like I grew up 100 years in 12 months, and I’m feeling so deeply grateful and proud.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is not impossible. It’s super fucking possible.♥️